Cows with Guns

I was commissioned to create an intro for the YouTube channel Cows with Guns. Nothing like a cow getting all upset with whats happening on TV. If you’re interested in having an animation created for your YouTube channel feel free to contact me.     Here is the intro animation


Latest Commissioned Animation – A Proposal

So I was briefed in and commissioned to create a short animation to be used as a proposal, similar to the previous one I created but shorter in length. I’m happy to announce that it was a success and that she said “yes” to his proposal. Here’s the animation:

Skippy 'n Boots

Skippy ‘n Boots : Episode 1

Follow the animated cartoon adventures of Skippy ‘n Boots the Paranormal / Radio D.J’s investigators as they investigate strange alien abductions. This is the first pilot episode, please leave me a comment below. Story by Ken Houldsworth and John Frederick Voice acting by Ken Houldsworth, John Frederick and Karly Houldsworth Check out their channel here¬†…


A Life Narrator

While I’m busy working on an episode of Skippy ‘n Boots, I’ll post image thingamajigs, like the one below, as often as I can to provide small highlights of the next episode.


Discovery on Mars

The Curiosity Rover makes a startling discovery on Mars! Curiosity landed on Mars on August 6th, 2012. It was sent to investigate the Martian climate and geology. The main scientific goal is to establish where Mars could ever have sustained life. Well the rover’s about to discover something interesting.


Hang Gliding on Kepler 22b

Animated Sci-Fi alien cartoon about the planet Kepler 22b. The kepletians are trying their hand at hang gliding. Even though they never really discovered fixed wing flight and went straight from the wheel to rocker propulsion this cartoon, they thought they’d give this a try.