Freelance Cartooning & Animation

Hello! If you’re looking at having some freelance cartooning or 2D animation done
I can help you out. I have experience in cartoons, character design and 2D animation.
I produce high quality work, provide on going feedback and meet my clients expectations.
I involve my clients right from the design phase all the way to the finalization phase.
What goes into having a cartoon done?
  • Initial rough designs are draw up and sent to the client.
  • Once a rough draft if accepted, the final cartoon is created in the size and specification required but the client.
What goes into having an animation done?
  • A script or rough story is send to me by the client.
  • Rough character designs are drawn up and sent to the client.
  • One acceptance, storyboarding is done including an animatic if required
  • Storyboard accepted, character building, props and backgrounds takes place.
  • Animation Process takes place.
  • Sound, editing and final effects are done after the animation is done.
  • The animation is delivered to the client the resolution size and format requested.
Terms and Conditions:
  • All amounts quoted are an estimate of potential costs. although these estimates are normally spot on, additional costs may be incurred but these will be discussed with the client if they arise.
  • A 50% deposit of the quoted fee must be paid before any work will be commenced. The balance of the amount owing shall be paid when the client receives the final product.
  • All quotations are quoted in US Dollar and payment must be made through PayPal, unless otherwise stipulated.
  • All intellectual property of the images and animation are attributed to the client. Final product copyright will only belong to the client once full payment has been received. Jose Matos Dos Santos (Joofville) reserves the right to display the cartoon(s) or animation(s) for promotional purposes, unless otherwise agree upon.
I charge a flat rate of $55.00 per hour. This rate is subject to change and can be discussed during the quotation process.
You can contact me at:

Examples of previously commissioned projects

The Perfect Proposal

40th Birthday Invitation

A Proposal

Animation for for the 100th store opening celebration

Cows with Guns YouTube Intro

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